What is Gabapentin used for?

Gabapentin is an active substance. It is used to treat problems with the nervous system. Damaged nerve endings often cause various malfunctions in the body. A person must take specialized medicines to cure them.

Neurontin reviews prove the effectiveness and safety of using the drug. Neurologists use Gabapentin to treat partial seizures in epilepsy. Besides, it inhibits the appearance of neurotypical pains.

The medicine can be used starting from 12 years. Neurologists prescribe Gabapentin as an adjuvant for children from 3 to 12 years old. Monotherapy is not recommended.

Gabapentin can be used with other anticonvulsants. It does not interact with other drugs, so the concentration of the active substance will not change.

The drug is sold by prescription. The most popular dosage is Neurontin 300 mg. If you want to save money, then a certified online pharmacy will be the best option for your purchase. Here you can order quality medicines at a good price. Fast delivery will be a nice bonus.

It is important to remember that you can not self-medicate. If you have any health problems, you should immediately seek help from a doctor. Only the attending physician after thorough diagnosis can prescribe the right course of treatment. The specialist will take into account not only the degree of the disease but also other adverse factors. After all the necessary manipulations, you will be assigned the optimal Neurontin dosage.

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How to take Neurontin?

Before you start taking the medicine, you must read the instructions for Gabapentin. Particular attention should be paid to contraindications. Neurontin reviews and clinical trials confirm its safety. However, in rare cases, medicine should not be used for treatment.

Neurontin dosage depends on the disease. The minimum amount of medication for epilepsy in children from 12 years old and adults is 900 mg per day. The dose may be increased to 3600 mg per day in the future. It depends on the effectiveness of treatment and individual tolerance of the components. For children aged 3-12 years, the minimum dosage is calculated based on considerations: 15 mg per 1 kg of weight per day. It can be increased to 50 mg per 1 kg of weight in the future. In the treatment of neuropathic pain, the dosage is also 900 mg per day. Over time, it increases to optimal values.

In all cases, you can not start the course of treatment with the specified dosage. It should be reached within 3 days. For example:

  • 1 day-300mg
  • 2 day-600mg
  • 3 day-900mg

Neurologists recommend taking an equal amount of medication 3 times a day. It is convenient to use Neurontin 300 mg (capsules) at low doses, and Neurontin 600 mg (tablets) at high doses. The maximum interval between doses of the drug is 12 hours. Otherwise, the concentration of the active substance will be unstable. This will reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

Gabapentin should be taken orally with water. Food intake does not affect the absorption of the drug. Doctors do not recommend abrupt discontinuation of the drug. The dose should be gradually reduced. To completely abandon the drug, you should wait at least a week.

During treatment, you must strictly follow the instructions for use and recommendations of the attending physician. Soon you will feel a significant improvement in your health.