Everyone wants to buy quality goods without spending large sums. However, the ordered product does not always meet the declared properties. Therefore, the choice of medicine, especially Neurontin, should be approached with special attention. The pharmacological market is very large. It contains both branded medicines and their cheaper representatives called generics. Why is Neurontin Generic the best choice for treating epilepsy or other neuralgic diseases? Let's figure it out together.

The process of creating a new drug is very time-consuming. It requires significant financial investments during development as well as for various tests. Therefore, the creator company has a temporary patent for the manufacture of the drug. Thanks to this, the company will be able to return the funds spent on drug development and make a profit. After some time, other pharmacological companies are entitled to use the basic formula of the drug, for example, Gabapentin. Thus, cheaper copies of medicines come to the pharmaceutical market.

is generic neurontin better than the original

Generic Neurontin has a similar composition to the original drug. Gabapentin is the main active ingredient in both cases. It affects damaged nerve endings, reducing their ability to unreasonable arousal. Ancillary components may vary slightly, depending on the specific generic. However, they do not prevent Gabapentin from affecting the body. Very often, pharmacological companies can improve the original drug by making Neurontin more effective.

All drugs undergo clinical trials and receive appropriate safety certificates. We can conclude that the generic is completely safe to use, just like Neurontin. If you follow all the instructions of your doctor, then the likelihood of side effects is minimal. Thanks to additional research, generics do not have negative effects on the body like the original drug.

Generics and brand Neurontin have different distribution dosages. This is very important because the patient can choose the optimal capsule/tablet size for daily use.

Given all this, it is safe to say that the generic Neurontin is the best option for the treatment of partial seizures and neuropathic pain. It is as effective and safe as the original product, but it has a lower cost and, in some cases, improved formula and effectiveness. Thanks to this, many people can receive the full treatment, even if earlier they could not afford it because of the high price.