Are generic drugs the same as the original?

Many people ask the question "What is a generic?" A generic is a drug that has the same active substance as the original drug (in our case, Gabapentin). Large pharmacological companies are researching to create new drugs. Groups of pharmacists spend a lot of time to develop a unique formula. After that, the company conducts numerous clinical trials, making various changes. At the final stage of production, regulatory agencies check all the pharmacological properties of the new drug. After many years, such a drug enters the market. A pharmaceutical company spends a large amount of money and resources on creating new medicine. Therefore, it has a temporary patent for its production. The cost of the drug is formed from many factors. It should cover all the costs of creation and enable the manufacturer to earn money. As a result of this, new medicines are often very expensive. Not everyone has the opportunity to buy them.

Pfizer has a patent for Neurontin. When its effect ended, other pharmacological companies began to produce their generics, which contain the same active ingredient Gabapentin. They can improve the working formula, making the medicine even more effective. International auditing agencies also conduct clinical trials and all certification audits. Subsequently, the generic enters the pharmacological market. Companies do not spend money on creating and advertising products. Therefore, generic Neurontin cost is significantly lower than that of the original medicine.

generic neurontin / gabapentin

Why should you buy a generic?

The main difference between generics and branded medicines is the difference in their cost. The effectiveness and safety of such drugs are tested in clinical trials. They can go on sale only after all the necessary checks. The amount of Gabapentin in 1 unit of the product may vary and differ from each other.

Generic Neurontin 300 mg is the most common form of distribution. This is not surprising. The minimum dose for the treatment of epilepsy and neuropathic pain is 900 mg per day. It must be divided into equal 3 parts. The patient may take 1 capsule of Gabapentin every time before or during meals. Generic Neurontin 600 mg is suitable for more serious cases when the volume of Gabapentin reaches 3600 mg per day. The patient can take 2 tablets without undue anxiety and thoughts about how not to get an overdose.

Once in the body, Generic Neurontin 300 mg is rapidly absorbed and begins to act on defective nerve endings. Often, pharmacological companies improve the primary formula of the drug, improving the effectiveness of Gabapentin. Therefore, the patient may not be afraid that a product purchased at a lower price will not be able to help him.

Generic Neurontin 600 mg has the same side effects and contraindications as a branded drug. It is low toxic and safe if you follow the instructions for use and all the recommendations of the attending physician.

Generic Neurontin cost is lower than the original drug. Sometimes this difference reaches 50%. If you buy medicine in an online pharmacy, you can get additional discounts on the product. As a result, you can save more money and spend it on your loved ones, hobbies or put aside on a trip.

As you can see, it makes no sense to pay more for branded medicines, since generics are not inferior in quality.